pro - JaZZ

3 hours of Jazz and "Anything that goes around Jazz & Blues". During this time you will  love Jazz and experience that is Fun, colorful and vibrant allowing all kind of emotions to fulfilled your heart with this amazing music.  The musicians and Jazz performers of the Pro-JaZZ Experience are based in Palm Beach, Florida and they  will make you appreciate even more the Jazz legacy that has been kept in America for almost a Century. During the last hour of the show you will dance with Jazz and Blues and Popular songs !!    Stay Ready!

" Jazz your Life with the Pro - JaZZ Experience"


PRo - jazz Experience

  • From Jazz Ballads to New Orleans style and even Pop Jazz, The Pro -  Jazz Experience is a show that will leave you longing for more. 
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Lilian Gregory

Pro-Host Inc

Palm Beach, Florida

United States