Our Beginning for 2023 "Maycol and Lilian" "Pro-Host Live"

Florida has offered us always a lot of work for our performances from the very beginning when we arrived in 2011 and discovered how  people in Florida loves Live Music. We can see vibrant and good energy in the audience in all those different venues that have been hired the past years.

2022 was a year that we rehearsed a lot, combined our talents with different shows like "Pro-Host Band" also "Pro-Latin Show"  and  "Island Jazz" and the results are admirable because all those musicians are extremely talented and combined with our experience is a dynamic artistic energy that brings joy during our professional performances.  My friends MUSIC is LIFE ! has been our slogan for decades and you can still see that in our talents, experience and energy on the stage.

2022 allowed us to include also in our performances DJ Talia a young beautiful girl that studied Show Production in Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. She is our DJ during breaks, our PA and Lights expert. People adores her personality and charm.

2023 is a wonderful year that we believe will be amazing for all of us and we wish that we keep our hearts bright and creating inspiring moments though Music.  
We will be performing in the Islander Grill Restaurant on Thursdays and Fridays. Reservation 561-842-8282 (inside the Palm Beach Shores Resort).

Remember that "Music is Life"
Michael & Lilian Gregory